A Dream_ Nov 17, 2011

Those that know me (or have known me) as a friend know that I can have vivid and specific dreams sometimes. I’ve made a habit in the last few years of telling people who are close to me the details of my dreams. I try when possible to tell people who are in my dreams when they are in them and what part they played. The below dream is no exception. Sometimes this creeps people out (lol.. sorry) but not if we’re close. I had a dream last night and for some reason felt like sharing it with a larger group of people, so I wrote it down, below is the content.

I had a dream last night that I was walking through my neighbourhood (Esplanade) at sunset, thesky was dark blue, it was chilly, red and yellow leafs were blowing on the wet pavement around me. I was walking by myself. I walked through an area that I’d never been through before, between two glass buildings, quite tall, reaching up on both sides of the small path I walked on. I was passing by the concrete back yards of my neighbours. I could see clearly inside peoples ground floor apartments. The people were watching television, cooking, cleaning up.

I walked by one apartment and saw a friend of mine inside (someone I know in real life from Toronto). I peeked my head in his back window, he invited me inside. All this happened without words. He made me tea, he was cooking. A beautiful young lady showed up (another person I know from Toronto). She sat on the couch beside me, she was kind of flirty, we spoke, laughed. I don’t know about what we spoke about specifically, all I felt was the feeling, again no words that I remember. She was affectionate. My other friend was in the kitchen making something, then other people started showing up, some I knew, most I didn’t. Mainly African people from different parts of the continent , I could see where they were from in their faces. Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia. Some were from the Caribbean, Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica. Most people were dressed in traditional clothing from where they were from. These people were greeting each other and talking to me, it felt like some of them wanted to meet me and speak with me. It was a warm and friendly environment. Not sure if the gathering was for me or not. Some people were there to meet me, not the majority, but a few. I got up and walked around the apartment and ended up sitting with an old lady in the next room. She had shining, healthy black skin, wrinkles, she was very old, like my grandmother, but not my grandmother. She was wearing purple and gold dress, beads around her neck and small beads on her ears. Her hair was wrapped in the same material as her dress. She was pleasant and warm, she smiled at me, her eyes were dark and slightly grey, but sharp and focused. Someone had brought me to her, she smiled at me, she wanted to tell me something. She spoke closely to me, whispered in my ear; I woke up.


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