One of my best friends, Danilo McCallum and I decided to shoot this footage on a whim as were were walking onto the grounds of Afrofest 2011 in Toronto. He had his camera and I had and idea that I didn’t think was going to happen. I’ve been going to Afrofest since I was maybe sixteen years old, as long as I am in Toronto that weekend I spend walking around Queens Park, greeting people, listening to music, eating the food, laughing, joking and catching up with people. Afrofest is an important Toronto tradition. Danilo shot the footage and I later looked at it and cut it together with some unreleased music (not on the album or any of the mixtapes). Wasn’t sure how it was going to work but the footage and the visuals ended up working well and now I have something else to show you.

Cocoons features so many people from Toronto it’s hard to keep track. Brendan Philip, Abeer Mohammed, Nayani Thiyagaraja, Dre Ngozi, Keisha, Javid, Najma, Taiwo Bah, Kemba Bryam, Victoria GK (I can’t find the spelling Vicki), Shi Wisdom, Chin, The Voyce, Costancia Lule, Kenyatta, Darp Malone, Levi Athens, Matthew, Giggs, Ania Soul, Aisha Green, Dahveed Delisca, Son of Soul, Felicia Mings and so many more it’s crazy. Thought I would give ya’ll a shout out.

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