Reasoning w/ Donisha

This Friday, August 5th (in Toronto) I am organizing an informal Gathering on youth and spirituality with Rita & Bob Marley’s granddaughter, Donisha Prendergast. This session is connected to a film called RasTa coming out this September; the session on Friday is called RasTa Sessions: Reasoning On Youth and Spirituality, it is a FREE and informal conversation in Alexandra Park in partnership with Scadding Court Community Centre (where I worked for years in my teens and early twenties). The session will explore tradition, spirituality, culture and knowledge and give young people the opportunity to speak with Donisha about their own spirituality, ask questions and contribute to the conversation. You can find more information about the film at

Aug 5 | 6pm in Alexandra Park (PO)
South of Scadding Court Community Centre
(707 Dundas St. at Bathurst)

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