Little Things_ Feb 23, 2012

“I went to a funeral this morning. After my cousin and I drove back from the cemetery I was sitting in the living room of a family members house with an old Trinidadian woman who sat on a chair across from me and rested her cane on the foot stool between us. She asked what side of the family I was on and smiled when I told her what part of Trinidad my father was from. She told stories.

One of my cousins walked in and bent down to unzip her boot as she took them both off to enter the house. The old lady watched her quietly as she bent over to unzip the first boot, then the second and then kneeled down to move them into an appropriate place amongst the other shoes. As she watched my cousin walk into the next room she said to me quietly “we often don’t appreciate the little things until they are gone.” She grabbed her cane to stand up as I left an hour or so later.

I have been described as ‘boring’ and unexciting, sometimes quite seriously and other times as in jest, i’ve even been called a ‘wet blanket’ and much worse (these names ring in my mind when I meet a new person and they begin to throw the same titles at me.) I am quiet, I don’t enjoy parties, I’m private (not secretive as I am often described) I prefer one on one conversations and I am an introvert at heart. The truth is, I enjoy and appreciate simple things, things that I feel some people around my age miss while looking for a certain kind of excitement and adventure. I am quietly adventurous, I am excited by small things that I think are important, I’m not frivolous. I have to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with that even if it means I am disconnected from people at times.

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