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Quoted Text (from original post, posted Jan 2, 2009):

“(Watch the video first. Read the post later.)

Years back, my boy NaNa took me to York University to recite some spoken word poetry at an open mic. It was one of my first ‘performances’ ever.. and it was difficult as hell. There, while my nerves were shaking me crazy, I shared space in a room with Ian Kamau – someone who I then, only knew as Kamau. His performance was incredible and captivating. His voice held the attention of the entire room in an eerie way that had us all watching and waiting on his every word. He was (and is) the most amazing poet I had ever seen live. And he changed and inspired my way of writing until this day.

I since have come to know Kamau on a little bit more of a friendship basis. We worked together in TheRemixProject office and shared conversations and thoughts on many things. He taught and showed me how he built a table. I showed him that I would do my best to also build one. His was better but he never laughed too hard at mine. (:

There were so many times when I’d leave Remix, or he would leave Remix and my thoughts would circle somewhere in the sphere of “the world may not ever know the genius of that man”… honestly.

His writing is brilliant. His personality is calm. His performances are refreshing. And his new album is coming out in 2009 (This didn’t really happen).

For all you smart dumb motherfuckers, you may remember Kamau from k-os’ albums. For all you followers and readers of TheLegendsLeague, you may remember him from the bonus track on TheLegendsLeague Vol 2.5.

Tonight, I went on my facebook and saw that he had posted this video posted on my wall. I clicked it. I watched it. And now I’m doing what needs to be done in showing it to as many people as I can.

Kamau – you’re a huge inspiration to me, and to many of your peers. Believe me. Thank you for everything that you do to represent yourself and help us see into how beautiful your mind, and your ability to interpret some of the ugliest realities, is. We are really, really blessed to have you around brother. From the most honest place in my heart, to You, homey.

Check him out HERE and listen to Renaissance, please. (thanks Gav)”

Thanks Be.


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