Rich Kidd_ EPK 2011

This beautifully crafted EPK created by Mark Valino a Toronto filmmaker and documentarian looks behind the scenes at Rich Kidd, a Toronto artist who is basically a renaissance man. Rich Kidd is a beat-maker, an artist and a performer who has carved a space out for himself in Toronto, across the country and beyond. I went to his spot about a year ago, he sat me down in front of a computer and told me to listen and pick what I wanted. I sat down and played more than 150 beats and was surprised at the level of quality, without a doubt I have never sat and listened to a producers beats (that wasn’t dilla) and had such a high percentage of incredible material.

What some don’t know is that Rich does a lot of work in the community as a mentor in community music programs such as Lost Lyrics and The Loft here in Toronto. He is definitely making a name for himself as a prolific and talented Toronto artist. I think a lot of us are on that Rich Kidd Shit.

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