Wasteland_ Manifesto Movie Night (Toronto)

I might not be able to get to the Manifesto Movie Night tonight but It should be stellar. The funny thing is that when I was watching this trailer for Wasteland (one of the features tonight) I realized that I have been to visit the people in Rio where this was shot, I’ve met the main subject of the movie and have been to his house where a piece of the trailer was shot. I was running an exchange program in Rio with some amazing people from both Rio and Toronto when we went to visit the collectors. There was a film crew there who asked if they could take our pictures and most of us declined, that crew would later make this movie. I would love to see this film because I have, if only briefly, spent time and spoke to some of the people in this film. I will try my best to make it today, you should too.

Also playing as the headlining feature is Black August by Dream Hampton. Below is the trailer. (via Manifesto)

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