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Manifesto Festival_ One Day Soon

Manifesto original post Oct 8, 2011 Quoted text.. After three years of work One Day Soon is finally here. Today (Oct 7) is my fathers birthday. People who purchased the physical CD will read in the (32 page hand-written) booklet that I dedicated this album to my parents. Without them there would be no me, […]

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A Dream_ Nov 17, 2011

Those that know me (or have known me) as a friend know that I can have vivid and specific dreams sometimes. I’ve made a habit in the last few years of telling people who are close to me the details of my dreams. I try when possible to tell people who are in my dreams […]

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The Village_ Still Life

This is a small clip that was created at the first Gathering that myself and a small army of volunteers created on Sept 9, 2011. Those that came were asked to paint a house and put their name or some statement inside of it and as each person contributed their house it slowly became a […]

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