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One Day Soon / Because We Were Born Release Gathering (11/11/11)

Sometimes we don’t know what we have when we have it. After the release of my album, One Day Soon, I experienced one of the longest and lowest periods of depression in my life thus far. I suffered it mostly alone in my apartment during a cold, grey winter in Toronto. Most people I know […]

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Blu_ The ExplaNation

TheExplaNation from Johnson Barnes on Vimeo. I like Blu he’s ill, interesting, I admit I’ve been sleeping on him a bit. Grabbed this from Huda of The Africana‘s blog (thanks Huda).

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The Village_ Still Life

This is a small clip that was created at the first Gathering that myself and a small army of volunteers created on Sept 9, 2011. Those that came were asked to paint a house and put their name or some statement inside of it and as each person contributed their house it slowly became a […]

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Pandora’s Box_ One Day Soon CD (Promo)

Pandora’s Box (One Day Soon CD promo) from Ian Kamau on Vimeo. A little while ago I saw collective called Ortega Cartel shoot a little video with Sixteen Pads Films that featured an artist opening up a box of CDs. I took note, good little idea. This video shot by Andrea Roberts is a quick […]

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One Day Soon_ Finally

After three years of work One Day Soon is finally here. Today (Oct 7) is my fathers birthday. People who purchased the physical CD will read in the (32 page hand-written) booklet that I dedicated this album to my parents. Without them there would be no me, so who better to dedicate it to. My […]

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Managing Expectations_ One Day Soon

Over the last three years I have been obsessed with the album I’m about I’m about to release on Oct 7th entitled ‘One Day Soon‘. Since I graduated from my university with an honours degree in fine arts and design this an album has been on my mind and after two trips to Cuba for […]

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Feist_ Metals

Lesley Feist is one of my favorite contemporary artists from Canada. She might even be one of my favorite period actually. After four years of listening to So Sorry, Limit to Your Love (and reasonable facsimile) and The Water from her record The Reminder it’s time for me to prepare for Metals. Nice. Via 1LoveTO

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