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Kendrick Lamar_ ADHD (Dir. Vashtie)

My boy Wan put me on to Kendrick Lamar a few months back, he has slowly become one of the young hip hop artists that I check for. Songs like ‘The Heart Part 2‘ ‘Hiii Power’ ‘Growing Apart’ and ‘Cut You Off’ are among my favourites. This new video by the cutest video director in […]

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D Sisive_ Planet Mars (by Charles Officer)

Planet Mars was an important venue for Toronto’s underground hip hop scene in the mid-nineties. I used to frequent this event with friends of mine who also made music (Danilo McCallum, Paul Sackichand) as a high school student on the weekend. It was a energetic event in a grimy underground bar close to Kensington Market […]

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Choose You_ (2010 Outkast/UGK Dub)

Choose You is my second collaboration with Nabil Shash (although the third to be released after Misunderstood), the song was featured on the Love & Other Struggles Mixtape released February 15, 2010. This video features the our friend Sara (Sars) Asfaha who graciously agreed to be a part of the shoot and the apartment I […]

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Progress_ Spark Your Brain

My brother Progress lives two blocks away from my building in Esplanade. He represents the Freedom Writers movement and just came out with this new visual yesterday called Spark Your Brain directed by Big Sproxx (who is going so hard at the visuals these days). Thought provoking and political as usual Progress is one of […]

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Zimbabwe Hip Hop_ Mini Doc

My friend Mohamed sent me this early this morning, thought it was an interesting watch and reminded me of my travels in Kenya and Cuba. Shot by Magee Mcllvaine for Nomadic Wax this “mini doc” focuses on the hip hop scene in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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African Underground_ Democracy in Dakar (Nomadic Wax)

I was reminded of Nomadic Wax this morning by a friend of mine in Toronto and subsequently watched three videos before 10am (I haven’t yet brushed my teeth). This documentary about Dakar, Senegal, the politics and the music was filmed in Senegal by Magee Mcllvaine and Chris Moore, it is an interesting exploration of the […]

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J. Ivy_ Voice of the City Promo

J. Ivy is probably best known for his feature on Kanye West’s album College Drop-out on a song called Never let me Down featuring Jay-Z. I personally don’t know much more about him but came across these videos of spoken word poets and hip hop artists from Chicago that he put together and thought it […]

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Misunderstood_ (2010 Lil Wayne/Nina Simone DUB)

I shot this simple video for Misunderstood over a year with Nabil Shash in Esplanade. I came up with the basic concept and we rented a camera using his fathers credit card (thank you Nabil’s Dad) and shot two videos in a weekend. It is not the first of our collaborations as Nabil shot Love […]

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My brother Tumi just put out the Powa Mixtape complete with a video for Powa. Tumi is one of my favorite artists for his spirit, his thoughtfulness and his openness. When I emailed him from Nairobi in 2007 he was also quick to let me crash at his place in Jo’burg for a week and […]

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True Hip Hop Stories_ Homelessness

True Hip-Hop Stories: Homeless Emcee from D-Nice on Vimeo. The first time I saw this it gave me chills. The True Hip Hop stories are done by D-Nice of the legendary Hip Hop group Boogie Down Productions with Scott Larock (RIP) and KRS-One.

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