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Reasoning w/ Donisha (No. 2)

We’re doing another one just ’cause we can.. TOMORROW!!!. Rita & Bob Marley’s granddaughter, Donisha Prendergast is back in Toronto and hosting RasTa Sessions 2: Reasoning On Community & Spirituality, a FREE informal conversation the Rasta Festival Lounge on Yonge St..┬áThe session will explore tradition, spirituality, culture and knowledge and give young people the opportunity […]

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One of my best friends, Danilo McCallum and I decided to shoot this footage on a whim as were were walking onto the grounds of Afrofest 2011 in Toronto. He had his camera and I had and idea that I didn’t think was going to happen. I’ve been going to Afrofest since I was maybe […]

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Duo_ Kwame Delfish & Jason O’brien

I’m doing my Gathering No. 1 listening session the same night as the opening of this exhibition by Toronto painters Kwame Delfish and Jason O’brien, the reality is however that if I wasn’t doing my own event this is were I would be heading on September 9. Two young, creative brothers coming to together to […]

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D Sisive_ Planet Mars (by Charles Officer)

Planet Mars was an important venue for Toronto’s underground hip hop scene in the mid-nineties. I used to frequent this event with friends of mine who also made music (Danilo McCallum, Paul Sackichand) as a high school student on the weekend. It was a energetic event in a grimy underground bar close to Kensington Market […]

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Choose You_ (2010 Outkast/UGK Dub)

Choose You is my second collaboration with Nabil Shash (although the third to be released after Misunderstood), the song was featured on the Love & Other Struggles Mixtape released February 15, 2010. This video features the our friend Sara (Sars) Asfaha who graciously agreed to be a part of the shoot and the apartment I […]

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Progress_ Spark Your Brain

My brother Progress lives two blocks away from my building in Esplanade. He represents the Freedom Writers movement and just came out with this new visual yesterday called Spark Your Brain directed by Big Sproxx (who is going so hard at the visuals these days). Thought provoking and political as usual Progress is one of […]

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88Days_ Dropping Knowledge

If you’re in the Toronto area this evening (after you go to the Reasoning Session with Donisha Prendergast) you should check out 88 Days of Fortune at the Rivoli. They are a collective of diverse and eclectic artists from Toronto who have been doing their thing together for a while now.

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Carnival & Caribana_ Some Context

I usually don’t go to Caribana in Toronto (Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival.. my bad Scotia.. sigh). it’s not because I have any particular issue with Caribana and I won’t deny it’s importance and influence in the culture I was born into (both of my parents were born and raised in Trinidad) but I would rather observe […]

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Project_ Marcus Troy & Gregory Allen

My boy Gregory Allen just got back from Project in New York. Gregory Allen is a talented and inspired Toronto-based designer and a friend. Greg was going off about how amazing the opportunity was to display his clothes (bow ties, pocket squares, shirts) at this annual fashion trade show in the big apple. He showed […]

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Detoura / Yesterdays Medley_ The Art of Reuse

This comes courtesy of Othello Grey and The Art of Reuse. and Sean Brown. I don’t know who these folks are but I like what they do, their ideas and their aesthetic. All I know is that they are from Toronto, I follow their sh*t and I dig what their about. I’ll post the Art […]

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