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Flying Lotus_ Until The Quiet Comes (Short Film: Kahlil Joseph)

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Hunted & Hated_ NYPD

via Christine El-Kholy

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The song ‘Yesterdays’ was released Oct 7, 2011 on the album One Day Soon. It features sign language performance by Muna Jimale (UK based Cultural Curator) and I. Shot by Nabil Shash and assisted by Aden Abebe & Daniel Balay in Esplanade, Toronto. The piece is shot in front of a mural painted as part of […]

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Illume Creative Studio_ Rwanda

My friends from Illume Creative Studio in Rwanda just release visuals in celebration of their company and their new space in Kigali. These folks were a great support to me on my trip to Kigali and Capetown that sparked a South and East African tour that took me through South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda. […]

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Remembering_ Eliot Rausch

remember from Eliot Rausch on Vimeo. Eliot Rausch is my hero. He makes what I would make if I could. Brilliant every time.

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One Day Soon / Because We Were Born Release Gathering (11/11/11)

Sometimes we don’t know what we have when we have it. After the release of my album, One Day Soon, I experienced one of the longest and lowest periods of depression in my life thus far. I suffered it mostly alone in my apartment during a cold, grey winter in Toronto. Most people I know […]

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Haute Caribe_ T & T Fashion

Haute Caribe: The World of Trinidad & Tobago Fashion from Wedge15 on Vimeo. Trinidad is always in my mind. My parents and my entire family are all from that small island just north of Venezuela. Yesterday I was walking around Toronto doing errands and ended up walking next to a father and daughter who were […]

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ERIMAJ_ Social Life

Social Life-ERIMAJ from Tiombe Lockhart on Vimeo. I like ERIMAJ’s music, and I haven’t heard much. I saw this on Tigist Selam’s Instagram and had to wait until I got home to be able to see it. Peeped it, posting it. ERIMAJ – Social Life from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

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Last Ride From London_ Dirty Money

I have to admit it feels weird posting something with Diddy in it, I’m not mad at the guy, it’s just weird. I saw this and appreciated the perspective. “She loved it as much as I did.”

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Hilman Curtis_ Rest In Peace

HILLMAN from Hillman Curtis on Vimeo. I’m watching this in that strange state when you realize how much someone has affected you only after they are gone. This happened to me recently with the death of Maurice Sendak (creator of Where The Wild Things Are) a little while ago and when Miriam Makeba passed away. […]

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