Our Children_ Somalia

I remember when Sol Guy told me he was going to have a child, he told me that he could tell that something had changed. We spoke on the phone for a while after she was born as well. I remember speaking to Knaan at Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre about how difficult it was for him to be away from his baby son while he was touring with Dusty Foot Philosopher.

Much has happened since then. Seeing their kids who I have only heard about in the last few years growing up is crazy (7 years old.. wow) time passes so fast. My Godson Harlow is 3 years old now. I think what often gets left out of the story of issues that happen in different parts of the world (and in our own backyard) is a connection to a real humanity. I felt this shift in my consciousness the first time I visited Kenya. When the political unrest happened there I felt attached to it in a different way even though intellectually I was connected to Africa before, it was personal, I had specific people to care about, to worry about because of my trip, I had people to call to hear stories from. The trip enabled my heart and my feet to be connected to Africa even though before that point my mind was. It was a shift for me, an evolution (I am finishing a book about this experience and this shift).

It shouldn’t take a physical trip to a place to establish that connection. We are all connected. Children are children wherever you go, they are to be loved and protected and cherished (what an obvious statement). Sometimes however there is a psychological gap that we create between what is happening ‘over there’ and what is happening ‘here,’ like ‘over there’ is somehow a different world; it is not. We are all connected. I like the statement that this video makes and (beyond music) I am proud of my old friends who are working to change something. They are right, these are our children. Click HERE to get involved in their mission.

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