David Miller_ Commitment (TEDxTO)

I admit I took David Miller for granted, not that I didn’t appreciate that we had a pretty cool mayor for almost a decade, not that I forgot Mel Lastman and his ridiculous commercials; I just didn’t appreciate how bad things could get with out a (self described) ‘progressive Mayor.’ This video reminded me of what commitment is in every sense of the word, it made me realize that although I haven’t really vocalized it, I am committed to Toronto. That doesn’t mean I’ll stay here the rest of my life, but I am committed to trying to make a change here (even if it’s small). I actually do love it here (sorry, I had to). I appreciate Mr. Millers sentiments in this video shot at TEDxTO a month or so ago and I hope we, the citizens/residents of this city, can help to make this city a great and then a greater place for us to live. Commitment.

via 1LoveTO

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