Hilman Curtis_ Rest In Peace

HILLMAN from Hillman Curtis on Vimeo.

I’m watching this in that strange state when you realize how much someone has affected you only after they are gone. This happened to me recently with the death of Maurice Sendak (creator of Where The Wild Things Are) a little while ago and when Miriam Makeba passed away. When you know someone is special, you benefit from their work, but you don’t really value it until you realize there will be no more of it. I never met Hilman Curtis, but I was introduced to his work by some friends of mine when we were all students at York/Sheridan studying design. Hilman Curtis passed away in April and I didn’t know until five minutes ago. In the last five or six years since I found out about him I have constantly gone back to his site to watch his artist series, short web-based documentaries about contemporary artists and designers, many of whom I studied when I was in school and most of whom I continue to follow.

Hilman died at the age of only 51 after a long battle with colon Cancer, he had an appreciation of light and space and music and art that is rare in a fast world and pointed his lens at some of the most talented and in some cases unknown and under-appreciated but amazing artists and designers of our time. I’m sad that I won’t get a chance to experience more of his work. Rest in Peace Hilman Curtis.

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