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The Medium is the Message_ Musical Formats

The Medium Is The Message: A tribute to musical formats (Madrid 2011) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo. In between making Love & Other Struggles & One Day Soon I realized that when I put out the physical album that it would most likely be my last opportunity to release a physical CD (or […]

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Lila Anton_ Raizin’ in the Sun (Creative Control)

RAIZIN IN THE SUN from Creative Control on Vimeo. I saw episode one of Raizin in the Sun almost a year ago and never posted them because I didn’t have anything to post them on at the time. I found Lila’s story so interesting, put the link on a list in a text document on […]

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Denzel_ Manifesto 2011

I noticed this year that friends of mine have been calling it “Manifesto Season.” If you are in Toronto and you’re into hip hop of a certain kind you probably know about the Manifesto Festival of Community and Culture. This is the first promo video for the festival that is already underway. I met Denzel […]

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Our Children_ Somalia

I remember when Sol Guy told me he was going to have a child, he told me that he could tell that something had changed. We spoke on the phone for a while after she was born as well. I remember speaking to Knaan at Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre about how difficult it was for […]

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ZAR_ Vincent Moon

I stumbled across this video while searching for something else on vimeo. Done by a film artist named Vincent Moon. I don’t know much about him but his visual sense and his choice of subject reminds me of a classic style of artistic film-making usually classified as “foreign” what ever that means. From a series […]

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D Sisive_ Planet Mars (by Charles Officer)

Planet Mars was an important venue for Toronto’s underground hip hop scene in the mid-nineties. I used to frequent this event with friends of mine who also made music (Danilo McCallum, Paul Sackichand) as a high school student on the weekend. It was a energetic event in a grimy underground bar close to Kensington Market […]

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Outcast_ Black Bikers

This trailer came to me by way of my boy Spek Won (Marty McFligh) of the 88Days collective. Always so interesting to me to see the brotherhood/sisterhood/humanhood among people who share a passion, no matter what that passion is I always relate to the feeling of a shared goal, shared vision or a shared purpose.

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Carnival & Caribana_ Some Context

I usually don’t go to Caribana in Toronto (Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival.. my bad Scotia.. sigh). it’s not because I have any particular issue with Caribana and I won’t deny it’s importance and influence in the culture I was born into (both of my parents were born and raised in Trinidad) but I would rather observe […]

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African Underground_ Democracy in Dakar (Nomadic Wax)

I was reminded of Nomadic Wax this morning by a friend of mine in Toronto and subsequently watched three videos before 10am (I haven’t yet brushed my teeth). This documentary about Dakar, Senegal, the politics and the music was filmed in Senegal by Magee Mcllvaine and Chris Moore, it is an interesting exploration of the […]

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Originally published April, 2009 Wrote this in an email to a white male friend of mine this morning and thought i would like to share it… it was a response to a white male attending a ‘all female’ gathering for a girl program in Nairobi, Kenya… posted it on my blog too… i think this […]

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