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One Day Soon_ Finally

After three years of work One Day Soon is finally here. Today (Oct 7) is my fathers birthday. People who purchased the physical CD will read in the (32 page hand-written) booklet that I dedicated this album to my parents. Without them there would be no me, so who better to dedicate it to. My […]

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Managing Expectations_ One Day Soon

Over the last three years I have been obsessed with the album I’m about I’m about to release on Oct 7th entitled ‘One Day Soon‘. Since I graduated from my university with an honours degree in fine arts and design this an album has been on my mind and after two trips to Cuba for […]

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The Girl (1 of 3)_ City & Colour Cover

A few months ago I had an idea to shoot three videos that showed three different perspectives and visual interpretations of the City & Colour song ‘The Girl’ that I covered on the mixtape Love & Other Struggles. The video is directed by Nabil Shash. The first time I heard this song it was sung […]

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Cocoons EP_

GET COCOONS EP (PAY WHAT YOU CAN) Yesterday I decided to let go of some songs that I’ve been holding onto. The songs on the Cocoons EP are songs that didn’t make it onto One Day Soon, the album that I’ve been working on that is due out Oct 7, 2011. Cocoons like One Day […]

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One of my best friends, Danilo McCallum and I decided to shoot this footage on a whim as were were walking onto the grounds of Afrofest 2011 in Toronto. He had his camera and I had and idea that I didn’t think was going to happen. I’ve been going to Afrofest since I was maybe […]

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All I Need (Love Birds Video)_ (Radiohead Reprise)

My friend Dre Ngozika Roberts made this video for me. She captures a love story on the roof of her apartment in the Junction. She tells me that birds are some of the only monogamous animals, I looked into it, 90% of bird species are monogamous. You learn something new everyday. I love this video, […]

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Choose You_ (2010 Outkast/UGK Dub)

Choose You is my second collaboration with Nabil Shash (although the third to be released after Misunderstood), the song was featured on the Love & Other Struggles Mixtape released February 15, 2010. This video features the our friend Sara (Sars) Asfaha who graciously agreed to be a part of the shoot and the apartment I […]

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Misunderstood_ (2010 Lil Wayne/Nina Simone DUB)

I shot this simple video for Misunderstood over a year with Nabil Shash in Esplanade. I came up with the basic concept and we rented a camera using his fathers credit card (thank you Nabil’s Dad) and shot two videos in a weekend. It is not the first of our collaborations as Nabil shot Love […]

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1LoveTO_ Vol.3 Love & Other Struggles

Quoted test from original post Feb 16, 2010 “Toronto’s own Ian Kamau has just released “Love & Other Struggles”, his 3rd and final installment of the September Nine mixtape series. Vol. 3 was created as an exploration idea and reality of LOVE. Not simply romantic LOVE (although that is a big part of the topic […]

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City On My Back_ Vol.3 Love & Other Struggles

Original post Feb 16, 2010

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