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The Girl (3 of 3)_ City & Colour Cover

This is the third and final version of ‘The Girl’ originally written and performed by Dallas Green (City & Colour). This version of ‘The Girl’ was shot by myself and edited by Andrea Roberts and myself unlike version one and version two that were both shot by Nabil Shash. The release of this video signals […]

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Misunderstood_ (2010 Lil Wayne/Nina Simone DUB)

I shot this simple video for Misunderstood over a year with Nabil Shash in Esplanade. I came up with the basic concept and we rented a camera using his fathers credit card (thank you Nabil’s Dad) and shot two videos in a weekend. It is not the first of our collaborations as Nabil shot Love […]

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1LoveTO_ Vol.3 Love & Other Struggles

Quoted test from original post Feb 16, 2010 “Toronto’s own Ian Kamau has just released “Love & Other Struggles”, his 3rd and final installment of the September Nine mixtape series. Vol. 3 was created as an exploration idea and reality of LOVE. Not simply romantic LOVE (although that is a big part of the topic […]

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Okayplayer_ Vol.1

Quoted text (from original post, June 2009 by Alison Isaac) “Toronto has always been a city better known for its cold and cleanliness than its emcees. Now, in a city distracted by a young boy named Drake, emcee, poet, and new-era bluesman Ian Kamau emerges from the shadows with the September Nine Mixtape (Vol 1). […]

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Quoted text from original post, posted July 1, 2009 by Ben Herson & Mikal Lee “A good and trusted friend passed me this mixtape, September 9th, by Canadian Rapper Ian Kamau. The mixtape is serving as a warmup and introduction for Ian to a wider audience in preparation for the release of his album proper […]

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1LoveTO_ Vol. 1

Quoted text from original post , posted June 22, 2009 “My homie Kamau has a true talent for writing, not only music but beautiful poetry that seamlessly flows into spoken word artistry. He’s blessed us with a new release titled “September Nine”, which is now available for download. Let us know what you think Toronto? […]

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