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One Day Soon / Because We Were Born Release Gathering (11/11/11)

Sometimes we don’t know what we have when we have it. After the release of my album, One Day Soon, I experienced one of the longest and lowest periods of depression in my life thus far. I suffered it mostly alone in my apartment during a cold, grey winter in Toronto. Most people I know […]

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A LONG WALK (3 OF 3)_ The Village

This is the final instalment of the short video, spoken word series of mine directed by Marcos Fantu in different parts of downtown Toronto (click to see Part 1 and Part 2). It is an acapella version of the song ‘The Village’ that appears on the album ‘One Day Soon.’ Order One Day Soon on […]

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The Village (Full Video)_ (One Day Soon)

Ian Kamau_ The Village (One Day Soon) from Ian Kamau on Vimeo. This video for The Village is the first full video of of the album One Day Soon. The video was directed and edited by Marcos Fantu, who lives just down the street from me in Esplanade. Both the song and the album are […]

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The Village_ Still Life

This is a small clip that was created at the first Gathering that myself and a small army of volunteers created on Sept 9, 2011. Those that came were asked to paint a house and put their name or some statement inside of it and as each person contributed their house it slowly became a […]

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